Paperbakerie is an idea. It cannot be contained or constrained by a physical space. Recycling waste paper into objects of art- some utilitarian, some quirky and absolutely useless- is what the idea’s all about. But for the sake of geography and a bit of history, it is tucked away in a little Goan village called Parra.

Paperbakerie has been with me for a major part of my life, becoming a reality maybe 6 years ago. I was interested in collecting things- as most children often do, much to the irritation of parents and older siblings. So I collected stones, shells, twigs, marbles, cards, bones, glass pieces, bangle pieces ... but unlike most children, I did not grow out of this habit, nor did I discard my loot. Like a busy magpie, I continued collecting everything that caught my fancy. At Art School I found the means to put my collection to use. I became interested in sculpting with recycled and waste material. My preferred medium is papier-mâché. I use newspapers, magazines and cardboard as my raw material, combined with a resin. My sculptures and artefacts are durable like wood. In fact papier-mâché is a medium that mimics a lot of material. It can be made to look like wood, metal, terracotta or clay.

Come along then, let me share my work with you. And the immense joy it brings to my life. You may find something you like, or you may be interested in knowing more about the subject. It could be the start of an interesting hobby for you, or a business proposition for me.
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