I love making diaries- though they are a bit of a pain in the neck. I have to be bookbinder and all… but the end results are always worth the effort.
Mask chimes seems a more appropriate name for this. I use all kinds of knick knacks for these- including soft drink crowns, buttons and bells of course. Don't expect melodious music everytime the wind blows your way! A crazy cacophony that will warm the cockles of your heart. After all recycling is good for the soul... now if that's not music to your ears, what is?
Odds & Ends
This is stuff that cannot be slotted- and I hate to call things miscellaneous. So there's stuff like boxes, pen stands, dustbins, bowls, trays, flower vases. Ya, I know it sounds pretty domestic- but sometimes you have to do these things. And it goes under the shady name of 'gift articles'. Yeah right, go gift your boss a dustbin!
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